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Cobras Suck For A While, Try Not To Suck, Then Don't Suck

By Zombie JE, 06/22/17, 11:30AM CDT


From Raging Dumpster Fire to Straight Fire

We're baaaaack...did you miss me?  It's been about 14 games since the last write up...due to sucking, work, family, trips, sucking, etc.  Did I mention sucking?  Yah, that happened for a bit...but then we went out and TOTALLY REDEEMED OURSELVES.

Quick recap of the sucking...Lost on a walkoff to Stockmens after blowing a 5 run lead in the 7th...Lost a couple of ugly games in the Elko / New Market tourney...Lost to the Patriots and Lakers in league badly.  It was a rough stretch, morale was low, blood pressure was high, Germar yelled a lot.

Then something miraculous happened...In the words of "all around good guy" Ryan Sele the Cobras began playing for each other.  The pressure was off and the Cobras won the Cannon Falls "Josh Harrison Memorial" Tournament.  The baseball started flying around the yard again, pitching was more consistent, and smiles were seen at the yard.  Kahtan Al-Kaissy hit 3 bombs and had like 13 RBI in the tourney alone.  Sean Borman hit 2 grand slams in one at bat.  Late Nutmer got 2 10-run holds and a save on the weekend.

Then the Cobras got back into league play...and dropped a 15 spot on the Merchants and a 7-0 score against rival Lyons Pub.  Lots and lots of hits happened.  Even Krause got hits.  J.E. Urseth threw a complete game shutout.  Mason went 4-4 with a bomb.  

So what turned it around?  Some may say people bought into the team and started playing for each other, others may say it was the inspirational pregame speeches by Dusty Rhodes and WWE walkup songs.  The world may never know, but the Cobras are hot.

SpamTown this weekend...buckle up.