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Cobras Splode on Hopkins and Elko

By JE, 05/14/18, 3:15PM CDT


Seany goes happy go jacky on the white guy like a donkey eating a waffle.

Sean Borman is decent at baseball.  In 2 Cobras victories, Sean went 9-11 with 3HR, 3 2B, and 13 RBI.  The RBI total sounds like the combination of my last 5 years of amateur ball.

The Cobras bats are rolling as they defeated the Hopkins Berries 13-0 on Wednesday Night.  Sean Borman hit a grand slam amongst other mashy things.  JE Urseth, Ben Cjeka and Mitch Waletzki combined for a shutout.  Sam Bunnett continued to hit baseballs like they owed him money.  It was a good time.

The Cobras then headed to Elko on Friday for a chilly game with an iron 11.  Chris Code started and threw 4 innings of solid ball, with Mitch Waletzki and Jack Hogan throwing nearly perfect relief.  Sean Borman had a day, 6-6 2 HR 2 2B and 7 RBI.  The Cobras had 22 hits as a team and gave up only 2.  Everyone had hits.  The Cobras had jello shots and 3.2 Dillys after the game.  The jello shots make up for the 3.2 beer.  Booze math.

The Cobras next game is Monday against Lyons Pub to open up league play.  Rain be dammed.